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In cooperation with Funka Nu, SJ has established a set of accessibility regulations for SJ's digital channels that aims to achieve a higher level than WCAG 2.0. SJs goal is that sj.se/trafikinfo will comply with these regulations in the future. The website shall, for example, function both via keyboard navigation and via display navigation in the future. SJ is working with Funka Nu to analyse and produce a foundation for SJs websites in terms of design, functionality, codes and overall performance.

How do I find traffic information?

To find current traffic information about your train or your station/route, simply enter your train number or the name of the station in the search box. You will then be given the latest information on the train traffic situation right now and any other changes that has an impact on your specific journey.

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Source of traffic information

We gather current traffic information from the Swedish Transport Administration. The accuracy of this information cannot be guaranteed. This means no claims for damages that occur due to incorrect information may be filed against the Swedish Transport Administration.

Questions about our website

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